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Chinese Tech Demystified: Episode 4 Premieres This Week

Hello, Jags!

The fourth episode of “Chinese Tech Demystified” will be out  this week, along with a full research note.

In this episode, Fahad and Chronicle will be taking a look at Dada Nexus, a JD-backed last-mile logistics company that is currently the “Uber of Groceries”, but aims to eventually be the “Uber of Everything”. The following topics are covered:

  • Overview of the company and its biggest customers.
  • Dada Nexus’ two platforms, and how they work in tandem.
  • How did Dada Nexus rise above the competition to become a top player?
  • Why the company’s net losses remain high. Are the losses a concern?
  • What are Dada Nexus and JD working on currently?
  • The latest on JD’s “going rural” expansion plans.
  • Past, present, future. What does China’s grocery industry look like currently? What is it going to look like going forward?
  • How to approach the stock, and what the company needs to achieve for the stock to have massive upside.

See you there!

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