About Us

We are a team of professional option traders who constantly hunt for trade ideas that meet very specific principles upon which JaguarAnalytics is founded. In our experience, there are three critical ingredients necessary to create a trade setup with a high probability of success (read more below).

What really sets us apart is our emphasis on researching and understanding all critical aspects of every specific trade we enter. There is no substitute for the work that goes into our research. We don’t use simple algorithms or screeners to generate quick and easy ideas like many other services do.

Your individual success will depend on following a disciplined approach from entry to exit. We follow rigorous guidelines that keep us in check. The goal is to make money and nothing makes us happier than knowing our clients are growing portfolios alongside ours. All investing has to start with a set of rules and guidelines. Without rules, there is no discipline. Without discipline, there is no profit.

JaguarAnalytics Trading Style

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