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At JaguarAnalytics, we focus on the why behind every trade, and never just issue trade ideas without detailed research and explanations.
Our three pillars of research:
Fundamental Analysis -> WHAT to buy
Technical Analysis -> WHEN to buy
Unusual Options Activity -> HOW to buy

Jaguar traders are using all this information provided to successfully trade and profit in the market, and learn our methods along the way.

Now you can take advantage of these benefits:

Actionable options trade ideas in real-time each trading day
In-depth market analysis and research
JaguarLive intra-day market analysis with Fahad Khalid
Longer-term trades with clear setups and exits, so you know exactly why the trade is set up the way it is and how to adjust as it matures
For all trading styles—Beginning / Intermediate / Advanced

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Below are examples of all the features that are included in our top service, JaguarOptions Pro

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JaguarOptions JaguarOptions Pro
Subscription Rates $150 monthly $375 monthly
$950 quarterly
$3600 annually
Actionable Trade Alerts 3-4 per week 3-4 per week
Market Research and Analysis
Weekend Research
First Read
Jaguar Income
Earnings Plays
Telegram Messenger
JaguarLive Real-Time Commentary
Weekly JaguarWebinars (Tue & Thu)
Analyst Commentary
Sector Reports
Quarterly Outlook & Premium Ideas
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