Welcome to JaguarAnalytics

Hello Jaguars,

This is Fahad Khalid. Many of you remember me from OptionMonster where I was the Editor of the highly successful Open Order Pro newsletter for 6 years. I left the firm on May 4, 2016, to venture out on my own.

I welcome you to my new home, JaguarAnalytics, founded by Tom Joy exactly one year ago in May 2015. Tom and I go back many years as close friends. When it comes to bringing unconventional wisdom to trading and investing, we share a common perspective. In our hearts, we believe anyone can be successful in navigating the markets by using a simple common sense approach and having the right tools and information at your disposal at various stages of the market.

At JaguarAnalytics, we give you exactly that. We are inquiring minds, consistently focused on a bottom-up approach to analyzing stocks and sectors. We don’t just follow the momentum, we like to answer the “why” part so we can be prepared for current and future turning points. We test every trade idea with three critical ingredients: fundamentals, technicals and unusual option activity. Using this 3-pronged approach over thousands of trade ideas in the last 8 years as a professional full time trader has allowed me to maintain 70% / 30% win-loss ratio, with average percentage gains on winners substantially higher than average losses on losers. At the core of our success, everything starts with bottom-up fundamental analysis which has nothing to do with reading valuation metrics such as PE ratios. It is all about understanding what management is telling us and finding the disconnect in street expectations. The higher the disconnect, the higher the probability of sharp move in underlying equity.

Like a Jaguar in the rain forest, we hunt for such disconnects and identify the catalyst that would spark a move in the stock price. It requires a tremendous amount of reading and analyzing SEC filings, analyst coverage, etc, to form a strong opinion. We do all the work and bring you the complete trade setup. Once we have identified such disconnects, we wait for our turn / signal for entry. That’s where the technical picture on the chart comes into play. There are thousands of technical studies out there. We keep it simple and straight forward. Lastly, during the course of identifying the fundamental background and technical setups, we keep a close eye on option activity to understand how the bulls / bears are positioning. It takes a keen eye and years of experience to flag some activity as truly unusual.

It is only when all three critical ingredients (fundamentals, technicals and option activity) come together that we have a powerful combination with a high probability of coming out with a winning trade. Every day we strive to find these trades and bring them to you; we also believe firmly in quality over quantity.

I welcome you to my new home, to experience for yourself. I know you have high expectations. I can tell you this, I have even higher expectations for myself. As the Director of Research for JaguarAnalytics, nothing will get published as premium or free content without passing my smell test and sanity check. With full autonomy now, over the coming months and quarters, I will be gradually adding many layers of new services to expand content, coverage and reach, things that I was unable to do in my previous role.

We strive for excellence and we promise to keep it that way — by bringing you the highest quality content you will find anywhere.

Best Regards,

Fahad Khalid
Chief Investment Officer, JaguarAnalytics

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